Your submissions can consist of theoretical or applied research

in a large range of topics including, but not limited to:

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BeDiCon Marketing


  • Challenges and Solutions for Marketing in the Digital Age 
  • Consumer Behaviour in the Digital Age
  • Digital Story-Telling and Content Marketing 
  • Evolution of Marketing since the Millenium 
  • Fake News in Brand Narratives: Filter Bubbles & Analytical Practices 
  • Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Age 
  • Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation 
  • New Research Opportunities in Marketing Created by Digitization 


  • A Comparsion of the Most Demanded Cryptocurrencies on the Stock Market 
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies: Impact on the Finance Sector 
  • Cloud Innovations & Digital Finance Ecosystem 
  • Cryptocurrencies vs. Traditional Currencies: the Volatility and Other Issues 
  • Data Mining and Big Data Analytics in Finance 
  • How Digital Finance can Boost Growth in Emerging Economies 
  • How Machine Learning and A.I. Could Transform the Field of Taxes 
BeDiCon Finance
BeDiCon HR

Human Ressources

  • Human Ressources in the Digital Age 
  • Human-Machine Safety Systems 
  • Human-Robot Co-Working 
  • Industry 4.0 & the Labour Market 
  • Learning and Training in the Digital Age 
  • Talent Identification in the Digital Age 
  • The Capital of Top Manager: Soc. Influencers, Soc. Networks and Soc. Capital 
  • Valuation of Football Players 


  • A Labour Law for the Digital Age 
  • Copyright and Ethics in the Digital Age 
  • GDPR: Impact on the Finance Sector and Economy 
  • Identity in the Digital Age: Importance and Legal Requirements 
  • Legal Issues and Controversies in Internet Economics and Management 
  • Legal Issues Involved in E-Commerce/M-Commerce 
  • Privacy and Data Security: New Challenges of the Digital Age 
BeDiCon Laws

Global Supply Chain Management

  • Customer Power in the Digital Age 
  • Industry 4.0: Impact on Supply Chain 
  • Supply Chain Management in the Digital Age 
  • The Digital Supply Chain