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1st Berlin Digital Conference (BeDiCon)

After hosting the 6th International Congress of Young Scientists in 2017, the BIFID is now proud to present the 1st BeDiCon (Berlin Digital Conference) in Spring 2018.

On this occasion our Managing Director would like to welcome you with a few words:

Dear Sir or Madam,

formerly it was the Brockhaus, which was considered a universal reference book, today it is increasingly by “swarm intelligence” the commonly used Wikipedia. This term is commonly used to refer to the term digitization as “the changes in processes, objects, and events that occur as digital devices grow. In the original and narrower sense, this is the creation of digital representations of physical objects, events or analogue media. ”
To date, however, the term digitization is not sharply demarcated, nor does anyone understand the same or something similar below. More work has to be done.
The state of Berlin also deals with the term digitization and addresses the subject of digitization on the website of the Senate as follows: “The future is at home in Berlin and vice versa, Berlin is at home in the future. Digitization will change the entire economic value chain, especially the industrial value chain. It is therefore the basic requirement for asserting our national and international competitiveness. ” Digitization is seen as a catalyst for success here.
The generally stated aim and the aim of dealing with digitization is also reflected in the willingness of the University of Economics and Law to support the Berlin Institute of Finance Innovation and Digitalization, which says of itself: “we have a special focus on it to study the ongoing digitization of common business processes. The associated changes and trends that are emerging for all players in today’s global world are an integral part of our current research.”
All these aspects will be highlighted at the BeDiCon – BeDiCon will deal with aspects of digitization below:

  • Marketing – e.g. Digital Story-Telling and Content Behavior
  • Finance – e.g. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Impact on the Financial Sector
  • Human Resources –  e.g. Human – Robot – Co-Working
  • Laws – e.g. GDPR impact on the Financial Sector and Economy
  • Global Supply Chain Management – e.g. Consumer Power in the Digital Age

I believe that these are the issues that will determine the near future and I wish this conference every success and that the results may shine far beyond the conference.

– Dr. Jan Peter Firnges, Managing Director of BIFID e.V.

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